The Coaching Studio: A Programmatic Approach to Leadership Development

Top 10 Canada Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies - 2022

Amid uncertain times, like the disruption caused by COVID-19, outdated management practices can only lead to short-term solutions. The leaders of tomorrow need to engage themselves in more refined leadership development programs and training that drives improved communication and team building in order to succeed in the post-pandemic world.

“Snackable” learning is an emerging trend in that regard. It is easy to schedule and connects to a leader’s current needs. Users can select a specific challenge, such as “resistance to change,” and get customized training modules only for that challenge. Users can also see what other leaders have done in response and what their outcomes were. It also points the user toward related research and resources.

This is but one of the examples. Driven by such innovative ideas, the corporate leadership training market share is predicted to increase by $18.59 billion by 2026, with the industry’s growth pace accelerating at a CAGR of 9.51 percent.

To spotlight on many other key developments in the industry, Manage HR illustrates how leadership training and development solution providers and coaching firms in Canada are focusing on reskilling and reforming leadership practices to create better business outcomes. The edition also includes thought leadership articles from Shelley Li, Director, Leadership & Talent Development at ATS Automation, Leslee Wills, Vice President, People & Corporate Affairs at Bimbo Canada, and Tara Ataya, Chief People & Diversity Officer at Hootsuite. They shed light on the organizational leadership shift and the importance of instilling industry-leading practices in leadership and development to build a culture of well-being during times of uncertainty.

In this edition of Manage HR magazine, we also bring to you the story of some of the best leadership development solution providers and training/ coaching firms that are bringing outstanding service outcomes. In this list, The Coaching Studio stands out for its sophisticated approach to assisting organizations in developing sustainable leadership development strategies; Elk Willow Consulting, which provides personalized consulting services to assist organizations in improving operational efficiency and establishing a culture of continuous growth; Student Works, a coaching agency that has established a management program to prepare the next generation of Canadian leaders, and Helios, a company that set out to create comprehensive strategic plans that would help leaders to achieve new heights of success while stimulating business growth and performance.

Through the following pages, we aim to highlight the innovative trends and latest developments in the leadership development landscape. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Canada Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies

  • Full Circle Connections a leading consulting and training firm that helps businesses achieve their desired outcomes through its suite of solutions and services. Born as a brainchild of Dorothy Kudla, who has extensive experience holding various leadership positions, it’s ideally positioned to work with organizationsto help align their leadership, people, and culture.

  • Allen-Hardisty Leadership Group helps businesses become sustainable and profitable through leadership development and strategic transformation. The company was founded by Linda Allen-Hardisty. Her extensive experience in consultation and the corporate world enables Allen-Hardisty Leadership Group to diagnose clients’ challenges, identify personal and organizational goals, and design solutions that bring positive outcomes.

  • Ahria Consulting is an HR services firm driven to reinvent work culture and build an environment that empowers, excites, and engages employees of an organization. The company strongly believes in transforming organizations through effective leadership and achieving organizational excellence.

  • Instincts at Work is a neuroscience-based leadership development and coaching company that helps leaders evolve their thinking to improve team engagement and performance.

  • LeaderSharp Group is a full-service leadership development company based in Calgary, Alberta, with a team of resources across Canada. Their team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced leadership coaches, facilitators, course designers, trainers, and consultants. LeaderSharp is guided by their Core Values, Mission, Purpose and Vision, which focuses on advancing the development of generative leadership for a complex and ever-changing world. They are passionate about creating more effective corporate and government leaders that can lead teams, functions and organizations with courage and compassion through the ambiguity, uncertainty, and disruption faced by today's organizations.

  • Student Works is a coaching firm that has designed a management curriculum to develop the next generation of Canadian leaders. The program is designed to help hardworking students obtain first-hand exposure to the world of business, giving them a significant competitive advantage when they graduate.

  • The Humphrey Group was founded with the vision to turn people into inspiring leaders by using communication as a leadership tool. The company’s leadership communication training enables candidates to build three key skills, including self-awareness, the ability to build trust and strong relationships, and the ability to influence others

  • Illumify is a 100 percent women-owned business that provides leadership communication learning, coaching, and counsel for C-suite and mid to high level executives and leadership teams

  • Elk Willow Consulting

    Elk Willow Consulting

    Elk Willow Consulting helps organizations improve operational efficiency and realize a culture for change and growth. Through personalized services, the company works alongside staff to create a culture of improvement and growth while developing in-house learning opportunities



    Established in 2006 in Montreal, Helios is an institution for great leaders that offers exclusive services with personalized and public programs that guarantee success as a leader and stimulate business growth

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