The Coaching Studio: A Programmatic Approach to Leadership Development

Top 10 Canada Leadership Development Services Companies – 2022

Amid uncertain times, like the disruption caused by COVID-19, outdated management practices can only lead to short-term solutions. The leaders of tomorrow need to engage themselves in more refined leadership development programs and training that drives improved communication and team building in order to succeed in the post-pandemic world.

“Snackable” learning is an emerging trend in that regard. It is easy to schedule and connects to a leader’s current needs. Users can select a specific challenge, such as “resistance to change,” and get customized training modules only for that challenge. Users can also see what other leaders have done in response and what their outcomes were. It also points the user toward related research and resources.

This is but one of the examples. Driven by such innovative ideas, the corporate leadership training market share is predicted to increase by $18.59 billion by 2026, with the industry’s growth pace accelerating at a CAGR of 9.51 percent.

To spotlight on many other key developments in the industry, Manage HR illustrates how leadership training and development solution providers and coaching firms in Canada are focusing on reskilling and reforming leadership practices to create better business outcomes. The edition also includes thought leadership articles from Shelley Li, Director, Leadership & Talent Development at ATS Automation, Leslee Wills, Vice President, People & Corporate Affairs at Bimbo Canada, and Tara Ataya, Chief People & Diversity Officer at Hootsuite. They shed light on the organizational leadership shift and the importance of instilling industry-leading practices in leadership and development to build a culture of well-being during times of uncertainty.

In this edition of Manage HR magazine, we also bring to you the story of some of the best leadership development solution providers and training/ coaching firms that are bringing outstanding service outcomes. In this list, The Coaching Studio stands out for its sophisticated approach to assisting organizations in developing sustainable leadership development strategies; Elk Willow Consulting, which provides personalized consulting services to assist organizations in improving operational efficiency and establishing a culture of continuous growth; Student Works, a coaching agency that has established a management program to prepare the next generation of Canadian leaders, and Helios, a company that set out to create comprehensive strategic plans that would help leaders to achieve new heights of success while stimulating business growth and performance.

Through the following pages, we aim to highlight the innovative trends and latest developments in the leadership development landscape. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Canada Leadership Development Services Companies

  • The Coaching Studio’s leadership development programs create long-term tangible results and help develop coaching mindsets among leaders that facilitate an innovative culture in organizations.Its unparalleled executive coaching enables business leaders to cultivate a culture of innovation and transform their organizations

  • Integral HR Solutions is a highly service-oriented HR consulting practice that specializes in providing a full-suite of human resources services and support to organizations. The company adopts a pragmatic approach to human resources services to develop practical solutions that help meet businesses’ varying people management needs.

  • Strategisense


    Strategisense is a global management consulting and leadership development firm that develops tailored and lasting solutions to support individuals, teams and organizations. They deepen the quality of thinking around challenges and organizational changes, clarify and align visions and values, and define strategic goals to enhance resilience and overall impact in an organization

  • C- Level Executive Solutions

    C- Level Executive Solutions

    C-Level Executive Solutions is a group of experienced senior executives ready and willing to assist Canadian firms in filling out or supplementing their existing executive team to compete and expand in today’s local, domestic, and worldwide markets

  • Challenge Factory

    Challenge Factory

    People are viewed as equity by Challenge Factory, not as assets that devalue over time. From top to bottom, from beginning to finish, their staff is the secret to Challenge Factory’s success. The dynamic, diverse team at Challenge Factory is dedicated to assisting purpose-driven companies and communities in shaping the Future of Work

  • Epiphany Coaches

    Epiphany Coaches

    Epiphany Coaches is one leadership coaching firm with over 50 qualified coaches across six countries. They think that individuals have an infinite capacity to alter their community and their organizations. They provide a coaching method that is new, adaptable, and results-driven to accelerate the growth of both people and company results

  • LMI Canada

    LMI Canada

    Leadership Management International® Inc.’s Canadian headquarters is LMI Canada, a corporation that thinks improved leadership is always possible. Its process-driven methodologies and programs are used to build professional leaders for businesses of all sizes. Its purpose is to inspire people to reach their greatest potential by identifying and attaining goals, cultivating a positive attitude, and developing leadership skills

  • McKinley Solutions

    McKinley Solutions

    McKinley Solutions is a leading national leadership and team development training and development organization. McKinley Solutions is a cutting-edge training and skills development firm focusing on performance enhancement. They offer custom-tailored solutions for small to large enterprises with over 20 years of expertise and a team of professionals



    Every day, as dedicated specialists in executive search and leadership consulting, TRANSEARCH builds leadership teams for our customers. TRANSEARCH International’s (powered by Orxestra®) products give a unique view on culture, performance, leadership, and team ‘fit.’ And its integration process guarantees that future leaders are integrated effectively and swiftly

  • Results


    For over 28 years, Results has been assisting businesses in reaching their full potential. All of their consultants are Certified Organization Execution Specialists; they are excellent facilitators and trusted advisers, and, most importantly, they are completely committed to assisting any business to succeed

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