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Top 10 Leadership Development Services Companies in Canada – 2023

Effective leadership is a key driver of organizational success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Leaders inspire, motivate, and guide teams toward shared goals, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and growth. However, leadership is not innate; it can be developed and honed through intentional efforts. Leadership development training/coaching/service providers in Canada are vital in nurturing and cultivating homegrown leadership talent. By addressing the persistent leadership gaps that exist within various industries, these firms nurture leaders who possess the skills and qualities needed to navigate complex challenges and drive sustainable growth.

Canada is celebrated for its diverse population, and leadership development programs are crucial in promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations. These programs encourage organizations to prioritize inclusivity, embrace diverse perspectives, and create opportunities for underrepresented groups to excel in leadership positions.

As per the latest report by Technavio, the corporate leadership training market value is set to grow by USD 18.59 billion, progressing at a CAGR of 9.51 percent from 2021 to 2026.

This edition of Manage HR Canada delivers a bird’s-eye view of the recent developments in the Leadership Development Training/Coaching/service arena and insights into how organizations align with these trends and adopt new ways to shape the future of leadership development training programs.

We have curated thought leadership articles from industry experts, including Jose Varghese, Director - Human Resources & Learning at Accuro, and Caroline Atia, Head of People & Culture at Coloplast.

We also took a deep dive into the market trends to narrow down the list of companies delivering exceptional Leadership Development Training/Coaching services. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, companies like Uni-Signal help transform businesses at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies.

Welcome to this edition of Manage HR Canada, dedicated to showcasing a carefully curated list of premier leadership development training/coaching/ service companies. Our primary goal is to help you discover the perfect company that aligns with your distinctive leadership development needs. With a wide range of options presented, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and assistance in finding the ideal partner.

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    Top Leadership Development Services Companies in Canada

  • Howatt HR Consultant is a human resources firm focused on psychological health and safety. Its purpose is to support employers, leaders, and employees to reduce mental harm and promote mental health in the workplace. It leverages evidence-based tools and programs to support organizations in achieving impact.


  • Providing an array of learning and development solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, The Learning Edge is dedicated to facilitating organizational advancement and fostering harmonious workplace dynamics


  • Ahria Consulting

    Ahria Consulting

    At Ahria Consulting, they believe that an organization’s power stems from its people. They motivate individuals to flourish, leaders to achieve, and businesses to create outstanding cultures where workers are engaged, empowered, and thrilled to come to work

  • Blanchard


    For the best effect, Blanchard think learning should be a continuous and connected experience throughout time. Their learning journeys enable individuals to reflect on training ideas, gain insight, and elicit emotion—precisely what they need to transfer concepts into recurrent behaviors that lead to improved personal & organizational performance

  • Business Sherpa Group

    Business Sherpa Group

    Business Sherpa Group developed a series for SMEs that delivers high-quality leadership development. The goal is to assist the next generation of leaders to thrive by offering training and a network to draw on in a way that smaller companies can access

  • Epiphany Coaches

    Epiphany Coaches

    Epiphany Coaches is a leadership coaching firm with over 50 qualified coaches across six countries. They think that individuals have an infinite capacity to alter their organizations and communities. They provide a coaching method that is new, adaptable, and results-driven to accelerate the growth of the people and company results

  • Full Circle Connections

    Full Circle Connections

    Full Circle Connections Inc. is a consulting and training company that assists businesses in achieving their goals via strategic leadership and individual contributor solutions. They work with worldwide companies in several sectors to harmonize leadership, people, and culture

  • Integral HR Solutions

    Integral HR Solutions

    Clients across North America and Europe have praised Integral HR’s highly interactive leadership development and management training programs. They can organize workshops suited to their organization’s needs, whether they want a customized training program to match their unique needs or are interested in one of the established programs

  • Learn2


    Learn2 enables leaders and teams to transform their workplaces. Learn2 provides a wide choice of programs that may be tailored to those attending, corporate culture, beliefs, and intended outcomes, whether looking for a big, in-person team-building event, a leadership development workshop, or immersive skills training for employees

  • Strategisense


    Strategisense primarily works in the public, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors. When they focus on the leaders, teams, and individuals within these businesses to enhance how they plan, cooperate, face difficulties, and solve issues, they notice a significant increase in the effect they can have outside the organization

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