Edyta Pacuk, Founder and President, MarchFifteen ConsultingEdyta Pacuk, Founder and President
MarchFifteen stands out as a game-changer in the realm of talent acquisition and retention. By selecting, aligning, developing, and retaining exceptional talent through robust assessment, coaching, and leadership development strategies, this results-oriented company delivers measurable outcomes, ultimately advancing business through people.

The team consists of experienced advisors, assessors, and coaches, providing diverse business acumen rooted in the discipline of psychology and a deep understanding of human sciences. With a strong global network of partners, the firm brings significant knowledge and experience, which are highly sought-after by clients who rely on them as gatekeepers of talent, guiding their decisions regarding selection, development, and succession planning.

MarchFifteen values a higher purpose, combining leadership, scientific knowledge, and profound insights to bring about a positive change in organizations. Their curiosity drives growth and innovation, while their commitment to sustainable change guides their decisions and transformation. Their core belief is that there is no healthy enterprise without a healthy community around it.

“People are an organization’s greatest asset. Our leadership development initiatives and executive counseling prepare leaders for higher positions and aid executives in transitioning to new roles. They become the leaders of positive change for their organizations,” says Edyta Pacuk, founder and president of MarchFifteen Consulting.

MarchFifteen assessments gather data on skills, abilities, strengths, and areas for growth, giving coaches precise insights for targeted attention. This enables them to accentuate and leverage a leader’s strengths while effectively managing and diminishing developmental gaps. Leaders who engage in MarchFifteen’s coaching services experience a heightened impact within their organizations, ultimately enhancing their organizations’ overall effectiveness.

To improve organizational performance and set any organization up for growth, MarchFifteen partners with DecideAct, a Danish AI company specializing in strategy execution management. They clarify strategic priorities, fostering engagement and a dedicated focus on impactful results and growth aspirations.

MarchFifteen sets itself apart by employing practices that positively influence outcomes. Recognizing the importance of good chemistry between the coach and the leader helps to foster trust and enable meaningful conversations. The coaches possess the ability to balance hard work and human sensitivity, which is crucial for the initiative’s success, whilst keeping the leader and organizational needs aligned.

MarchFifteen’s coaches hold certifications such as ICF and backgrounds in psychology, sociology, or adult development. Their distinctiveness stems from their expertise and courage to share insights. They create a thought-provoking environment, encouraging leaders to explore new perspectives and occasionally offering specific recommendations. This is particularly valuable with C-suite executives, who appreciate the fresh perspectives.

“A key facet of MarchFifteen’s coaching philosophy, integral to our identity, is the courage to confront challenging issues. We provide leaders with meaningful and often game-changing advice that helps them augment their capabilities and better engage their teams,” says Pacuk.

People are an organization’s greatest asset. Our leadership development initiatives and executive counseling prepare leaders for higher positions and aid executives in transitioning to new roles

MarchFifteen showcased its competencies when collaborating with a brilliant yet intimidating executive. Through a comprehensive assessment, including a 360-degree evaluation, MarchFifteen identified the leader’s potential and emphasized the need to improve their interpersonal connections. Over 18 months, the coach guided the leader in building healthy relationships with stakeholders. At the end, the leader was promoted to a higher position and swiftly transformed from an apprehensive to one that appreciates and engages warmly with his leadership style.

Maintaining a lighthearted approach helps the firm facilitate fruitful collaborations with clients. The compassion MarchFifteen brings to the table extends beyond their own existence. They have gone to the extent of supporting budding artists across Ontario by giving them their office space to grow their reach.

At MarchFifteen, marching toward shared goals is emphasized, valuing and prioritizing client feedback for continuous learning. Feedback is approached with humility and curiosity, seen as an opportunity for improvement. MarchFifteen places significant importance on debriefing and feedback sessions as integral components of coaching, assessment, team alignment, and leadership development initiatives.

MarchFifteen Consulting stands as a trusted partner, empowering leaders and organizations to reach their full potential. With its expertise, commitment to values, and innovative approach, it fosters growth, drive impactful results, and cultivates a culture of excellence.